We have created a staple in Atlanta,GA for some years now building our foundation from scratch.


Wamm Entertainment Group has taken the ATL scene by storm. We now appear on the front page of google for the keyword “Recording Studios in Atlanta”. We have grown so large we now have the complete package for servicing independent artists all over the globe. Audio Recording, Photos & Videography, Music Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blog Posting, Influencer Marketing, Music Distribution etc. The only thing we are missing is having an artist signed to our record label. So the time to change that is now! We are signing a recording artist to a 50k label deal. YES we said it, we are putting $50k behind an artist. We are signing an artist to WAMM Entertainment Group. The artist that we choose to sign will be taken to the next level.

How can I be eligible to win the 50k label contract?

You must enter our weekly song review that happens Every Thursday at 6:30pm EST. The winner from each week’s song review will be eligible to win the 50k label deal. Our team will make a decision from the weekly winners and choose 1 lucky artist. July 2nd we will make the announcement of the winner of the contest.

Why are you charging artists for a chance to get signed if you really want to help artist make it in the industry?

There is nothing about being a independent artist that comes free. the Most successful independent artists that make it in the industry spend anywhere from $10,000-$250,000 marketing and promoting their selfs to build their fanbase and following long enough until eventually it overturns and you start recouping your investment then start making a return on your investment. Any artist that complains about spending $50-$100 on their craft is not the type of artist we want anyways. Not only are we looking for an artist that has great music and has that artist spotlight and presence but they must also be hungry and have that “risk it all” mentality. That combination creates winners and thats the type we are looking for.

Will I receive $50k in cash?

Like any label deal you will not receive the entire amount up front! The whole goal and point is to invest a budget into an artist and make a return on investment so the artist and the label can both profit off the earnings of the work done by both the artist and the label.


This answer solely relies on your artist profile:How many IG followers do you have?How is your IG engagement rate?If good are you leveraging your social media for sales/profit?How many views, likes and subscribers are you getting on a monthly basis?How many plays and monthly listeners you have on Spotify?How many paid shows, features, walk Throughs, Streaming Royalties are you collecting on a monthly basis?Is your YouTube monetized and are you making revenue from YouTube? How much are you making in Merchandise? This will determine everything because these are the very things that we will have to invest in and they get pretty pricy but this is part of the formula to blow an artist up to super stardom. All numbers, platforms and foundations that have to look, appear and be solid in order to have success.


  • Follow @wammstudios on instagram a
  • email your song to “WAMMREVIEWS@GMAIL.COM” with “(SONG REVIEW) AND (YOUR ARTIST NAME)” in the subject area.
  • Last step is to send payment of $25 to enter the contest.

Want to get your song played ahead of everyone else so you don’t have to wait in line for the song review?

We receive hundreds of emails a week for artists to compete in our song review so its hard to play every artists song in a timely fashion so we created the VIP line. Its called “SKIP THE LINE”. and its only $45. When you purchase the “SKIP THE LINE” you get to jump head of all the hundreds of submissions and be first in line!
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