• GOLD LEVEL $499 25,000+
  • PREMIUM LEVEL $1,100 50,000+
  • MAJOR LABEL LEVEL $5,050 250,000-500,000+
  • TAKEOVER LEVEL $9,500 1,000,000+
(Road to one million views)
We have marketed hundreds of music videos/ Brands for labels, Modeling Agencies, and independent artists. We specialize in marketing your music video and products to people that want to watch your video / listen to your music. We advertise your YouTube link directly to place your video in front of a targeted audience (viewers that have proven to show interest in your genre).
If you are wondering how this works, below are the strategics that we use to give you real results.
  1. Placements – we can place your video in front of any YouTube video or channel as a ad on YouTube. Videos and channels like DJ VLAD, BREAKFAST CLUB, COMPLEX NEWS, WORLDSTARHIPHOP, DRAKE, CARDI B, BEYONCÉ and more.
  2. Geographic – we can target people by their location anywhere in the world. We can target people by continent, Country, state, region, city etc. This is very important especially for Models, Brands, and Musicians because certain areas of the world like certain type of interest. This way you can reach the right people and maximum advertisement dollars.
  3. Demographic – this method is very useful because we can target by race, ethnicity, gender, age, education, profession, occupation, income level and marital status. Very important tool because depending on your niche this will definitely determine how you choose to Target the above characteristics.
  4. Keywords – this method is extremely powerful because when potential fans are searching on youtube they type in certain phrases, names or words to get connected to what they are looking for. We have a tool to connect your content with keywords. So if someone types “New Music” “Top Lashes” “Lace Wigs” in the search engine we can connect your content with this keyword so it can pop up at the top of the search page.
  5. Analytics – the best part about this tool is not only will you get views from REAL people but we will send you weekly reports that will show you exactly where these views are coming from. You will see exactly how many views came from each individual placement, location, interest and demographics statistics as well.
We also advertise your YouTube video on apps, games, and partner websites. Plus, we pitch your video to largely followed YouTube playlists that feature some of the industry’s most prominent connections! Your video will be featured alongside theirs!
These plays are not generated via click farms. Our campaigns work with monetized channels and Vevo channels. The views our advertising brings in will not disappear!
Engagement such as likes/comments/subscribers is an impact of promo and since these are real people. Realistically if you think about it, how often do you like or comment on advertisements you see? As soon as you realize you have to log in to do so, you move on. Don’t expect others to act differently! The only way to gain likes, subscribers, and comments is through consistent promotion and engagement!
Are you tired of buying fake YouTube promotion that only gives you fake views that disappear or come from robots or click farms? Yea, we were TOO… LUCKILY YOU HAVE FOUND US.


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